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On October 18, 1926  a contract was signed for the property located at 209-33 111th Road. The house on the property was renovated to make suitable to serve as a church. The first service was on Sunday, November 6, 1926. Seventy-two persons received the call to membership. From these humble beginnings, the Church was incorporated on the 11th day of January, 1928, under the laws of the State of New York, as Hollis Avenue Congregational Church, Inc.


From the beginning of the church to the present time, we have been fortunate to have been led by some gifted and talented ministers of the gospel. During a special Church Corporate Meeting, Rev. Ralph Read was called as the first pastor of the church. He served from December 7, 1926 to March 6, 1936. From March 6, 1936, through  November 01, 1938, the church was without a pastor. Rev. Donald Striker was called to serve as our second pastor. He served as pastor for nearly six years and resigned on May 27, 1945. From May 27th through August 1945, the church was again without a pastor. In September 1945. Rev. Arthur Wells was called as the church's third pastor. Rev. Wells served as pastor for thirty-two years.  Under his guidance and leadership, the church grew both spiritually and numerically. In 1977, Rev. Wells resigned as pastor.


In order to meet the challenges and needs of a changing community, the church called Rev. Irvine Alafia Bryer, Jr. as its first African American pastor in June 1978. Rev. Bryer was spiritual teacher/leader with great vision and foresight, expressed genuine concern for better education and employment, and for the eradication of racial discrimination and drug abuse in our city. Rev. Bryer resigned as pastor April 1987.


Upon resignation of Rev. Bryer, an interim search committee worked closely with (the late) Rev. John Blackwell, Area Conference Minister, in order to select the best ministerial candidate for our needs. Rev. William Pace, Jr. was officially called to serve as spiritual leader on June 15, 1987. He served as an effective spiritual leader until May 31, 1989. At a call meeting held on May 30, 1989, the congregation voted to enter into covenant with Rev. Addison Reid, Jr. to become the fourth pastor and leader of our church. Rev. Reid was installed on September 10, 1989. Rev. Reid was actively involved in  the ministry of our church until his illness and death on December 27, 1993.  The church relied upon pulpit supply pastors until August 1995 when the Rev. Mamie Bryant became our continuously Supply Pastor and served faithfully until June 2000.


Rev. Dr. Alexander Jamison, Sr. began serving the church on July 1, 2000 through July 2, 2006. He was a teacher/preacher and always said: New great things are in store for the faithful followers of Christ.


Upon resignation of  Rev. Dr. Alexander Jamison, Sr., the church called Rev. Jerry Greene to serve as our pastor/spiritual leader.  Rev. Greene's spiritual word to the church is, "Serve the Lord at all times with a faithful heart and He will keep you in perfect peace."


Church Theme: "Casting the Vision - It's Not Where We Are, It's Where We Are Going."


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